wescam is now over. see you in may!

what is this?

Wescam lets seniors find other students on campus and other students find seniors. Add usernames of people you want to meet up with (they don't need to already have a Wescam account) and if you both add each other, you'll be simultaneously notified!

One other thing: If someone adds you and you haven't added them, you both have the opportunity to anonymously message the other person to find out more about each other. We'll also give the other person a fake username so that you can identify them easily in your conversations. So you can ask them whether you're both in the same class or how they know you. Then you can try to add them to see if you've guessed correctly!

who's behind this?

Wescam was started in 1998 by Jesse Vincent (original link). Wescam 2010 was conceived and developed by two Wesleyan students, Vernon Thommeret ’10 and Carlo Francisco ’11 on May 18, 2010.

what are the rules?

Only undergrads can sign up. Only people on campus can sign up (Wesleyan network or woodframe). Underclassmen can only add seniors. Seniors can add any student. You have a limit of 25 people. You can't delete people once you've added them. Choose your spots wisely.

is this very secure?

Of course not. By it's nature, it's impossible to avoid storing usernames in the database, since we need to notify any matches. Things like passwords, however, are encrypted. As with any site, it's possible this site could get hacked. We've tried to make the site generally secure and bug-free, but we're not immune from mistakes. If you're worried about this, don't use the site.

can you see the matches?

As the developers of the site, we have the ability to see matches in our database. But we won't. It's important enough to us that people feel comfortable using the site, so we won't look at the matches and we won't give anyone else access to the site. Once senior week is over, we'll wipe the data. We may publish anonymous data like how many people are signed up or how many matches have been made, but never any personally identifiable data.

i don't believe you

That's fine. Don't use the site. If you have any thoughts, feel free to contact either of us on Facebook.

anything else?

Nope. Enjoy!